The Makers

Both Europe natives, owners Patrick Augier and Caroline Marelli are a united team and complement each other quite uniquely both in life and at work.

With the candy making culture in their blood, they have been in the cooking and pastry making business for over 35 years.

These two travelers have lived, among other places, in the Antilles. Since 2000, the couple spent its vacations in Quebec and that is when they fell in love with our beautiful province. They have been permanent residents of our city since 2006 and two years later, they opened a magnificent shop, called "Aux petites douceurs ", located at the same spot as the current "La Nougaterie". The shop sold regional country products, Quebec creations and, as the name stated, "sweet little treats".

A few years later, they had the idea to produce those sweet little treats they sold at their shop. They prepare their little delights with love and passion, following years of research in France. They blend their experience and knowledge with those of Cécile, the master chocolate and candy maker.

"La Nougaterie" is first and foremost a candy store and factory, where you can find a wide array of homemade products. The factory is located on the beautiful "Île d'Orléans", where tourists can admire a beautiful landscape of Quebec City. Their treats are also available in shops throughout the province of Quebec as well as in some places in Ontario and west Canada.

Here's an interesting side note: Nougat is the candy of choice for athletes, as it has lots of energy and very few calories.

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