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We have mastered the art of
artisanal Quebec treats.

Local products
made with love
and passion.

Discover our best sellers

Best Sellers

A delicious taste of nostalgia

Our candies are made with love and without chemicals, coloring or additives to brighten up your days while reminding you of the flavors of yesteryear.

Discover our range of delicious homemade treats!

Everything has been done so that you only savor real jewels of delicacy, a true marvel with a flavor

and a unique taste.

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   Local product   

Our products are created with love in the heart of Quebec. Eat local!


   Unique taste   

Our products are
characterized by a unique and authentic taste.


   Original recipes   

Recipes that match the know-how of the undisputed masters of nougat.


   Local ingredients   

Each product embodies our local pride and commitment to quality through local partnerships.


   Made with love   

Made with sincere dedication and unwavering passion.



Each creation reflects our commitment to quality, a true signature of our


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